The Team

My right hands.

These are the incredibly talented – and incredibly patient – individuals who work to make my dreams reality. I am forever grateful and in awe of their extraordinary dedication and effort.

Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss

Jeff and Jenifer Westphal Foundation, Managing Director

Bonnie oversees philanthropic investment for Jeff and Jenifer Westphal. She brings decades of experience leading initiatives to support transformative impact. Her professional history includes philanthropic multi-media initiatives for DAVOS, the White House, the State Department, global NGOs, major distributors and leading philanthropists. For over a decade, Bonnie led Vulcan Production’s documentary division, founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen. Prior to that, Bonnie was part of the entrepreneurial team who created the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. She oversaw programming and operations, leading a highly diverse team to deliver meaningful experiences. She began her career as Director for Public Affairs Programming for WNET, the public television station in New York.

Ngaire Duncan

Chief Operations Officer

Ngaire liaises with partners and collaborators to ensure our professional endeavors serve our shared purposes with the highest distinction. To accomplish this, she draws on decades of professional experience in senior roles in sales and marketing, education, hospitality and events, luxury travel and aviation. Her professional history includes working for such companies as Miami Air, Air Partner, Sentient Jet, Busch Entertainment Corporation, Iona Girls Crisis Centre, the Queensland Department of Health and Wellbeing and starting her own small business. Her joy is derived from helping people and groups to find success and meaning in their endeavors.

David Dell

Senior Independent Financial Strategy Advisor

David specializes in shaping and guiding corporate commercialization and funding strategy in complex situations. He has a unique background combining best practices in investment banking, business research, management consulting and executive leadership from over 40 years of experience.

Through publications, conference presentations and media, he has been recognized as a thought leader in sustainability, outsourcing, M&A integration, HR and corporate IT strategy. David has served companies in transition and turnarounds as interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer as well as Chief Talent Officer and has been an officer and director of two National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) listed companies.

David currently serves as senior advisor to the Schwartz Heslin Group. He is chairman of non-profit Sustainable Hudson Valley and serves as chairman of the Management Board of Chronogram magazine.

David holds a Ph.D. in the Languages and Culture of India from Columbia University.

Ted Piotrowicz

Sr. Client Advisor, Legacy Advisors LLC

After four years of private equity experience, Ted joined Legacy Advisors, where he is a partner and senior client advisor. He works closely with highly successful families to help them crystallize and achieve their objectives in the areas of lifetime, investment, estate, continuity and philanthropic planning. Ted is driven to serve his clients’ best interests and ensure their success empowers and strengthens their family for generations to come. Outside of the workplace, Ted is busy spending time with his wife Carly and their four young children, while also finding time for a round of golf and cheering on Philadelphia’s sports teams.