Thank you for your interest in my work.

My unique experience, including the remarkable outcomes I’ve witnessed in education, autism and business, is grounded in a respect for the inherent value and dignity of others, for each person’s own intrinsic sense of meaning and growth, and a commitment to equity, the environment and the transcendent life force animating all being.

I have a vision of my life’s work: to do what I can to help transform our world from the mechanistic command-and-control, outcomes-focused, purely competitive institutional structures of the past 150 years, to agile, organic, evolving structures founded upon principles of equity, intrinsic meaning and co-creative collaboration.

I believe that new and transformed institutions, based on respect for the individual (self-responsibility) and the ability of individuals to create meaningful outcomes together in collaboration (shared responsibility to serve the community), will inherently create a healthy foundation for the future of humanity. Together, we can change the design of institutions to honor both the “me” and the “we,” and in so doing, create the world we all want.

My journey is unique, and so is yours. Each of us has our own niches to carve out and our own paths to follow. I’m driven by meaning – creating it, nurturing it, honoring it and encouraging it – both personally and professionally.

While it’s unusual to think of the business world as “philanthropic,” my business interest as founder of MeaningSphere is grounded in the philanthropic spirit of serving a greater purpose. I am much more interested in empowering anyone, anywhere, to create a more meaningful career for their own intrinsic value, than in the economic rewards for doing so. At MeaningSphere, our definition of success is a world full of more rewarding careers, creating more worthwhile experiences for people everywhere.


Please note: we do not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals. We accept inquiries and proposals by invitation only.

Jeff Westphal - Philanthropy

Jeff Westphal - Philanthropist

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