Meaning at Work

Live your meaning and we’ll lift the world.

The bottom line is simple: I want to help others find meaning in their work.

What do I mean by “meaning”? It’s a tricky thing to define, but basically, it’s what you really care about. Something is meaningful if it inspires emotion, passion or action.

And that’s different for each of us, and it changes over time.

Everyone’s meaning is unique to them. One of the ways I make meaning is by helping others make meaning from the work they do. I’m not here to show anyone a specific path or to try to make them care about what I care about, but I’d love to help encourage others to take the journey to create meaningful work for themselves.

Founding MeaningSphere, a for purpose enterprise, is one of the ways I encourage and invite others to begin and/or continue their journey to discover and create more meaning in their work. The dedicated colleagues that make up MeaningSphere are building a collection of experiences and services that honor the intrinsic individuality of meaning and the belief that choosing to look inward can positively impact one’s perception & feelings about work; and in turn, inspire perspective on how to navigate and improve YOUR personal experience.

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I’ve spent my life exploring how meaning can change a person’s life. And I’m working on ways to empower others to do the same. Stay tuned for an upcoming book and a podcast I am doing with Dr. Isaac Getz, author of Freedom Inc., that will serve as resources for those who seek meaning in the life they devote to work, whatever that work might be.